Sunday, July 3, 2016

Landed in Hawaii

Crazy, this was going to be Jordan's home for the next year.

Waikiki Beach

View of Diamond Head from our hotel.
Had our very first malasadas.
They are like very light doughnuts steaming hot and melt in your mouth.

We were staying on this side of the island for the first few days and playing.  Did all the
 typical tourist stuff.

Snorkeling at Hanauma Bay.
Jordan had been her when she was 8 years old.

Attended church at the most beautiful chapel I have ever been to.

breakfast with a view.

Off for a parasailing adventure.

It was amazing and very fun.  A little too much adventure at the end as we did not land back on the boat.  Kind of scary as we were getting tangled in all the ropes.  One of the guys swam out fast to help.  Good news, Jordan held on to her go pro.

Fireworks and surfboards

Hiking Diamond Head

View of Honolulu

She left her guitar home but we replaced it with a ukulele for her.
Making the trek towards the North Shore and her campus.

Of course we stopped at China Man's Hat.

I love the mountain ranges in Hawaii.
Our rental house in Laie overlooking Temple Beach.
This is like 2 minutes from her campus.

Finally arrived at Brigham Young University- Hawaii.
The flags around the circle show 92 different countries represented at this university.
Checking into her dorm or Hale as it is called in Hawaii.
Brand new, beautiful, and clean!!!
I was really excited.  Jordan freaked out at how small it was and after being the only girl growing up in our family she was use to her privacy.
She walked in to 3 other girls already living in "her space".
She had a little freak out session that night and said no way was she staying here.  Then Mama had a little freak out session, because how was I going to leave her here when she didn't want to stay.
Good news!  Orientation started the next day and I barely saw her as now she loved BYU-H.
Phew! that was a close call.

Ventured to famous North Shore

Shark Cove
Swam with an amazing sea turtle.
Loved it!!!

Sunset Beach

Back to Honolulu for one of 2 huge Walmart trips.

Jordan and I were able to go to the Laie temple and she did some baptisms.
This made me realize the 4,000 miles that would separate us.

Jordan couldn't believe how small the campus was.  I'm pretty sure her high school campus is as big.


Getting her dorm room organized.

I may have painted this lampshade out in the parking lot in the dark.

The Pointe
Jordan was attending an event at school.  I went to the beach.  It was so beautiful even at night time.

College Student
We decided to keep ourselves busy with this being my last day in Hawaii.
We went to Kuala Ranch.

It was so peaceful here.  The beauty of this day was perfect.
We took a very cool movie site tour as over 40 movies have been filmed here.  Jurassic Park was great to see.

It was hard to have this day come to an end. We came to this beach for our final hours before I needed to go catch a plane back to Texas and leave my baby girl.

There were tons of emotions for me.
I knew she was ready but can't say that I was.  I was very excited for the adventures that awaited her.  I loved seeing her this night happy.  I needed to see that.
This moment with her on this swing let me know I could do this.  I could say goodbye and get on that plane.
I can't wait to hear about all your Hawaiian adventures Jordan!
We are so proud of you and your decision to attend BYU-H.